Let’s Get The Ball Rolling! #TheFridayMoment

FB_IMG_1464290989508.jpgValentine’s day is over…what now?

The clock is ticking louder. Oh well, the year is not so new anymore. It’s about time someone asked the burning question: “What’s on your mind?” For me, it is ‘the big D’. I’ve heard folks say your future is ahead of you. Really? I can tell you first-hand, that thing called future is trapped within you. So, we might as well get things started on a good note. I can have a penny for my thoughts. Okay, it’s more honourable to give, right? Let’s roll it then! You might want to ask, “Rane…this ‘big D’ thingy, what are you talking about?

Well, Here’s what:


We’re already on life’s merry-go-round, it’s up to us to make the ride worth the while. Y’know, you’ve got to keep your sparks coming. Your blaze might just be a fuel away. You don’t want to wake up someday and realize that there’s not much time left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. The good thing is that when you strife to become better than we are, everything around you becomes better too.


Begin Now
Whatever you can do, or dream you can. Now is a good time to begin. It’s a dreaming gallore; dream, and dream some more! But don’t settle with dreaming alone. Take actual steps that will propel you to make those dreams a reality. If you fail trying, you’re not a failure. You only just gained one more way to ‘not’ do what the things you’ve got in mind. You’ll see that it’ll be worth it in the end.


Be Bold
The greatest wrong you can do yourself is to live out you fear. Bold steps are threatening, but feeling the fear and doing your thing anyway is the key to having the big D. Boldness has genius, power and strength in it. And it has what it takes to stretch you from where you are to where you want to be.
Don’t Stop
Starting is a pretty good step. Don’t be tempted pull in the breaks. Those trying moments are the tests you have to go through to get the ‘big D.’ Success is far away from those who shy away from take risks.

Have No Exceptions

You’re not allowed to have any exception in this matter. Success and dominion is all encompassing. Seek to have ‘the big D’ in all facets and you will know what real success is. Processes might be slightly different from one another but the pathway to success and dominion remain the same.
It is #TheFridayMoment
Let’s roll!

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