PARTY-CRASHING: Turn The Awkward Moment Around

1495710904233516870So, you have to crash the party.

Not that I am a fan of showing up at places I’m not invited to, but you might have to take on the batton someday if you’re serious about pushing forward. I remember that awkward moment, when I was caught gate-crashing a programme. Ouch. It was such an embarassing moment. I was serving as a teacher in an high school at the time and I wanted to explore opportunities in the field, so I attempted to crash a programme organized by the National Union of Teachers, just so I’d be enlisted to mark some W.A.S.S.C.E. papers. That awkward moment! It felt like the ground should open up and swallow me up. I still got to mark some papers though, they were kind enough to look beyond my action. The thing is, it is not everytime you wait for an opportunity, it just might never come. Sometimes, you have to find a way to create those opportunities for yourself. You can learn how to ward off the awkward moment should you have to do the crashing.

Here’s the big truth; brands like to party, and you can take advantage of that. You get to ‘famz’ the famous people you’re looking to brush elbows with, or to simply experience what being in those meetings or get-togethers does to the folks who attend them. So whether you want to crash a big event, as did the couple who crashed the the state dinner at the White House some years back, or just a simple get-together, if it’s worth doing at all, you might as well do it like a pro.

First Things First

Here’ s the number one rule; don’t get caught. And the first thing you need to do if you want to go gate-crashing is to have a solid wardrobe. Besides party-crashing, having a great wardrobe is a plus to anyone, and its a great way of living prepared. Anything can come up at any time and you don’t want to start running around at the last minute. Success is guaranteed when opportunity meets with preparation. Enrich your wardrobe, not just because you plan to gate-crash, but because you want to seize opportunities and utilize them well.

Do Your Homework

Figure out where the party is and if you can find the loopholes. You need to know if there are any doors where you can easily slip into undetected. Get the sense of the vibe; find out if there are dress codes or themes. Check out the possible invites. Study the subject matters that these people might be interested in so you can connect with them when you get the chance. The goal is act like you’re among, and you don’t want to be caught looking like you have entered a strange zone. And don’t try to impress anyone, you don’t want folks to start asking questions.

Dress Appropriately

It all begins with good wardrobe selection; you’ve got to dress to suit the occasion. Lets not forget, you’re not invited. But you have to act like you actually are. Dress to suit the occasion. Follow the dress codes and theme; don’t show up in denim when the dress code is formal or Afro-casual. If white is the colour of the day, don’t show up wearing red or any other colour besides white.

Watch Your Timing

Don’t get to the venue on time. Wait until the party is really going before you crash it. If the event will begin at nine pm for instance, make sure you don’t show up before eleven pm.

Display Confidence

Enter the room with plenty of swag. Act like you were actually invited. If the party is at someone’s house, show up with a gift, or maybe a glass of wine and say, “Hi, I’m a friend of [insert a common name], thanks so much for having us.” The hostess will most likely invite you in rather than risking an awkward social faux pas.


So then….

You’ll have to admit that having the balls and the know-how to crash an event you’re not invited to is pretty awesome. But remember that if you ever get caught, no party is worth causing an embarassing scene…or a police arrest.


It is #TheFridayMoment


Roll it!


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