Don’t Die #WednesdayExpress

I’ll be starting #WednesdayExpress poem series by looking at a unique form of Ethereal poems so we can ascend or descend the syllables at will. Today’s poem is a simple model. It is interesting to note that this particular poem can be re-arranged from the bottom, and it still makes sense.

This poem has five lines, with descending syllables; i.e. line 1 has ten syllables. Line 2, eight. The third line has six, and it continues in that progression.

So, here goes the #poemoftheday


Don’t say you are all alone in the rain;
Don’t think I never felt your pain,
Stay the dream in your eye,
Your help will come,
Don’t die.

Let’s see if you can do this. Write a poem of five lines to conclude today’s poem. This time you’ll start with two syllables, then four, and then six…until you reach ten. You can post your poems here as comments or send an e-mail to


It is #WednesdayExpress

Let’s Roll!


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