Are you wondering if you’re enough? If you can meet the needs of everybody? Have you lost sight the things you want just so you can meet everybody’s needs? And nobody even knows how much it is killing you.


You’ve got a good heart. That’s great! But what happens to your own needs? Your desires are hardly ever met because you throw yourself away…buried in giving service to other people so you can feel loved, and appreciated. There’s one little problem here:

I can’t see you!
When what you do has covered up who you are, that’s a big problem. And the problem is that you live for others to applaud you. It is really great to be appreciated…it feels wonderful. But the clapping and the hailing has to come from the inside out. It is really not about doing, we just want to see you, through the highs and the lows. We want to meet you and to be able to connect with you, and to share your story with you. Turn on the light and let’s see the smile that comes shinning through. It’ll make the world a better place for all of us. Most importantly, we want to see the pain behind your beautiful smile. We want to see the blade and the cut; not just the healing. What the world wants – no – needs to see is the real you. The one on the inside.

Turn on the light! Let’s see the top of the world smile.

We fight so hard to conceal our vulnerability, but that’s the core of who we are. Its what determine our fulfillment, and our level of success. Shake yourself up! You are worth knowing, and we need you. Let the world know what wonderful person you are. Its okay not to meet everybody’s needs, you can just do what you can do. You don’t have to compete to feel validated.

Be true to who you are. Love on others, but love yourself just as much. And make things happen for you too. The story you tell yourself is a self-fulfilling prophecy that is killing you. If you look deep enough, you will find that your heroes are human too. Whatever it is you want to do, if they can do it broken, you sure can.


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