This New Year….(Advice from Hopyrane)

Don’t Let Fear Clog Your Perception

We have seen the fireworks, but the year is still fresh. Now we’re beginning to settle in with the breath of fresh air. Life must go on, right? Its about time we plugged into the riches of this awesome year. If you’re like me, you must have made a mental list of the things that worked well for you last year, and things that didn’t…or the mind-blowing things that turned up in ways you never expected. Yeah, life and all the ups and downs…and the going arounds!

It can be really tempting to want to dwell on past failures and victories, but you’ve got to move this new year. There are more nuts to crack. Don’t leave the stones unturned either, you’ve got this moment to do what you have to do. There is no limit to what you can achieve this year. The only restrictions that exist will emanate from your mind.

Be useful in the right manner

The quality of your being useful or important is key to anything worth achieving. There’s got to be a knowing that you are made for a place, and a place is made for you. Quit running around in circles. Do the things that matter to your life and destiny rather than settling for anything just to get by. You should only settle for anything as a means to an end – not an end in itself. The truth is, where you are at the moment counts, but it won’t matter if you’re willing to move. A comfort zone has no real comfort, but you’ll have to leave the zone before you can see that.

Take the initiative

Life is meant to be lived deliberately. Write ten personal – achievable – goals you’d like to accomplish this year and work your plans. Don’t just look for opportunities to achieve your goals, try to create some opportunities to work things out. There are times when going after your dreams would be anything but fun. What can you do? A man gat to do what a man gat to do! There’s no turning back when you get behind the wheels of destiny.

Seek peace

Things are bound to be chaotic at some point. What do you do? Look on the inside. Reach for the peace that passes comprehension.

In this new year….

Don’t wait around for folks to man you up! Exude confidence in the ability that resides in you. There’s more than enough space up there. Spread your wings and flow with the wind. It is time to soar.


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