Who Killed Change?

You might want to ask, “What the heck happened to Change?” There’s been so much fuss about the long awaited Change coming to stay…for good! But Change died the moment we opened our doors, and we’re back where we started. Then we ask ourselves, Whodunnit? Who aborted all the efforts? And these questions just won’t stop. They say that Change is constant, yet we can’t seem to have a firm grip on it.

The thing is, most of the questions we ask ourselves are a lot distracting. We just keep cycling around the mountain, and truncating Change in the process everytime. Insanity has been said to be doing things the same way over and over and expecting different results. Our primary learning comes from observation. So then, Change has to stay, you’ve got to make it happen. And there are two things involved; you and Change.

Know You

You can delibrately destroy, damage or obstruct yourself with unfulfilled dreams, procastination, when you’re filled with anxiety, when you feel worthless, or you’re constantly bursting with anger. What comes to mind when thinking of self-development are seminars, books, videos and audio materials that will hype your psychology. Those things are fantastic but you will have to take the time to observe your person. Try learning some natural techniques first. Ask yourself what you really really want.

Without self-awareness, there can be no real change. By knowledge, all the chambers of a house are filled with precious and pleasant riches. If you really want to welcome change and fill your life with the abundant riches it can offer, you should pay attention to your upper class limit. We are our own biggest threat! We attribute our failures to inadequacies and that strengthens the grip of self sabotage over us all the more. “I can’t do that!” “I’m okay with this little,” “I cannot get there.” To feel you can’t do something and you’re not happy because you know deep down that you should is to sabotage your own self. Don’t be in a rush to find the answers to questions. What you can do is to ask big enough questions that only can be answered by changing your life and then one day you will realise that your life has answered that question. Don’t get distracted by trivialities. The real questions to ask are more like – 

“How do I extend the period of contentment in my life?”

” What can I do to stop the perpetual downward spiral of catastrophic thinking?”

“If I can eliminate the behaviours that stopped the flow of positive energy in me, can I learn how to feel great all the time?”

Understand Change

For any Change to have postive effect, there are three basic principles necessary to take place:

  • Something new that comes to being.
  • Something old that passes away.
  • Something that stays thesame throughout.

The most important of all three is the masterpiece. The something that stays thesame all through.

Michelangelo held an important believe about the act of sculpture. He beheld a slab of marble and saw the figure within, struggling to be released. The mastrpiece is hdden inside the stone of daily living.

 I’d take a scripture from to explain further:

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

The most important factor in the transformation that will occur in the creature is the Christ, the constant factor. If you want a change in your relationship for instance, look out for the constant factor, and that might be the person staring right back in the mirror or something deeper.


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