Your World Is On Your Inside

People say that the subconscious mind is located just behind the stomach, where all the sensations are generated. That’s why you get knots in the stomach from tension, and the warm fuzzy lovey-dovey butterflies from love and its relatives. You get the swirl of envy, fire of anger, the buzz of ecstacy…all springing up from the bottom of the belly. Who knows? It could be the reason someone would eat excessively or drink to stupor when depression set in. Perhaps, the idea is to suppress their subconsious for a while.

Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

The subconscious mind is not tangible like other parts of the body that make up the human anatomy, but it is tangible; only sub-conscious. More like the ethereal dimension to man, and that makes it more tangible to us than what see or touch. 

You are what you think about. 

When it seems like your life is out of control, check your thinking pattern, you will find that it is not in alignment with your life’s true journey.

To have a fulfilling life, there are three things you need to control:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your behaviour or attitude
  • Your response to situation(s)

Everything you are today is as a result of the response to the events that occured in your life. Your subconscious creates a world within you that produces the world around you. If you’re an happy person on the inside, you will have good vibes that will produce more of happy events around you. This simple truth is the hole on the wall between success and failure, wealth and poverty, sickness and sound health, companionship and isolation, and the list just go on. So then, here’s how to build your world from the bottom of your belly:

Meditate Day and Night

Each time you meditate, you’re building up yourself in faith. Take some time out to look into your inner world and build your confidence. Spend quality time focusing your mind in silence. Listen to your inner voice. Actively counter the negativities on the inside by replacing them with mental positive thoughts.  And it will manifest around you when you make it a habit. The goal is never to stop so that it can keep sinking into the depth of your soul and you can start believing what you think about. 


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