The Quantum Leap

One of the greatest challenges of a creative mind is to stay significant in a world where things are constantly changing at a fast pace. It is not uncommon to stare at your blank notepad, not knowing what to write. In fact, you know that there are many ideas in your head but you don’t know where to start from, or how in the world you’re to go about articulating them. Oh, those moments!

I’m not about to write another ‘piece’ on the famous writers’ block now. This is about something much more serious.

I am refering to the moments when you know your thoughts have been deep and dark, like shadows in the murky depth. When your vision is so tangible you could almost grab, yet shrouded in a mysterious cloud.

What’s most likely going through your mind is…“I have to write! I’ve got to write fast…It has to make sense…it just has to touch someone….” Still, nothing. You can bite your pen for as long as you like, and drop it for a moment and pick it up again. And it really feels like you’re just a slight footstep away from panic mode. You’re not alone. Folks who have become great in mastering their skills and projecting them have all walked through the valley. There is a difference between those who have been bold enough to plant their own gardens though, and it’s a huge one.


Good intentions really should make great qualifiers but the reverse is almost always the case. When folks say “follow your heart,” “let your passion lead you,” “do what you love and love what you do,” they actually mean well. But it is becoming more obvious that as strong as passion is, it is only an ingredient. Women understand this better; seasoning alone does not make a soup even though a soup can not do without it. In romantic relationships and marriages, love alone is not strong enough to maintain the happily ever after theme.

Take the quantum leap! Move beyond your passion.

Passion is vital. It gets you started on a course and fits in the pieces along the line. At some point in the journey of fulfillment, transition is inevitable. When passion takes the lead you will be shrouded in mystery. Transitions in life always involve endings as well as beginnings. Taking the quantum leap involves being sensitive enough to go beyond love, fear, and hate to enter into your next level and still let passion fit in the pieces.

Your gift or skill ought to make room for you, not the other way round. Folks usually don’t realize that their gifts have to first of all, make room in them before projecting outward. Spring into action. Channel your gifts strategically towards your dream and let it propel you towards embracing tautology (Yes, tautology!). It might be an error in English language but when it comes to achieving purpose, boy, you need some tautology.

If for instance, you get a chance to own acres of land, what would you do with it? Big question. For me, there are many ready answers waiting to chosen, but I’d rather have a ‘Rice Plantation,’ because amongst other things, I’d love to invest in rice processing someday….but I don’t have to wait to get a chance to own acres of land in a favorable environment. I’ll have to always bear in mind to carve out a niche, so I can create an opportunity at the slightest chance.


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