Being a writer can be quite challenging, especially when you’ve got schedules and deadlines. And well, it is (super) important to always have your creative juice flowing. The good thing about challenges though, is that it is what makes life interesting. The idea is to always make sure that it doesn’t drain you, so you’ve got to keep your head up and get help from others when necessary.

One of the biggest challenges you can have as a creative person is not when your muse cease, or when you’re distracted by  noise or stillness, or by seemingly helpless kids or husband (…and the list goes on actually). It is not even when you are overwhelmed by the demands that are more than you can handle or by raging emotions.

It is much more subtle….

And you will need to put out deceptions (remove your veil and strip: just stand before your mirror naked and look: and long and hard).

Identity crisis is a major threat to creativity.

You want to write all things that doesn’t just make sense alone. You (actually need) to reach out and touch…believing that as long as letters don’t die, you will live forever. But how do you leave your mark when you’ve got a conflict within you? You want to be seen, so does your work. I know. I have been there; particularly at moments when it seemed like my life was going down the spiral lane; that season when I thought, “Oh well, I’m mess personified!”


I thought to write to empty out my longing soul. It was beautiful, and comforting. But it was never enough to fill the void that was left.

And then…

I thought…revenge was key! To ramp up my prowess and get back at folks for all the wrongs they did; someone said  after all, that revenge is best served published. I learned that  no matter how gifted you are, you will soon begin to stink if you use your gifts for the wrong reasons.

Come to terms with what you do.

It takes strength and discipline for you to shirk all the whining, complaining and silly musings and get the shit done. Your work is always more than what you think it is (that’s a little scary, yeah?) We’re in this together. You can’t have creativity shine through you if you don’t believe in yourself and in what you do. Your work is your baby, and she loves you as much as you love her.

Shut up and listen.

It’s hard to do your thing without having dwell on voices that won’t let you take the exotic ride down your creative path. There is no time to waste time. Close your eyes and feel the breeze; you will need to blot out the images that cloud your sensuous mind and choke your inner voice (yes, the one who wants to speak. The Fuck, the one who has to be heard). Let the wind echo the whispers of love

Feel every touch and every kiss, and touch every nerve. Allison Marie says Your highest self doesn’t have time to sit around wondering who you’d like to be today.


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