About Hopyrane

Thinker. Writer. Lover. Believer.

About hopyrane

It’s easy to label yourself a writer. Jot down a poem. Call yourself a scribe and scribble down some lyrics, but doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do on the other hand, is happiness.
Happiness – as you know – goes far beyond the surface. You’d have to search deep into your soul and get a glimpse of that great place of power, where we are at peace. Writing is never about putting pen to paper or using electronic notepads. It is about nursing pregnancy well enough for safe delivery.


I like to think I have been appointed the queen of hearts; the explorer of the deep. Perhaps I could stare right ahead and reach into the recess of minds and leave a small, sweet bruise somewhere.
To those who have a nomadic state of mind. Always needing to be on the go, never content with things as they are, and always in search of more — whatever that may be — woohoo! Let’s go! Living forever is never exactly my cup of tea. I’m content with having to create something that will.


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