Don’t…burn my rep!

Writer-Series.jpegI first heard the term burning of reps from a bunch of teenage schoolgirls about four years ago and I remember I paid close attention to how they came about it when I consistently heard them say stuffs like:


“Oh please, don’t burn my reps!”
“Omg! Did he just burn your reps?”
Whoa. That was real burning of reps!”

It is one saying that had become…ancestral.

They were teenage girls who were just getting to know themselves, and of course, they have a completely different set of values and expectations.
The girls didn’t even know that the reps in the phrase actually means reputation since it had been passed through many sets over the years, but it wasn’t hard for me to figure that out. And it never left me.
It is easy to call yourself a writer. Jot down a poem, call yourself a scribe, and scribble down some lyrics.
But the evidence others need to label you a writer is building a reputation for yourself.
banner_diary.jpegReputation, if I were to define it, is simply what you stand for. It follows you wherever you go — whether good or bad — either paving the way for success or putting up roadblocks in the path to getting published or developing a readership. It’s far easier to create a solid, professional reputation than to undo the damage of a spotty record and poor public persona.
If you want to maintain flawless elocution you need to understand that doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do on the other hand, is happiness. So then, one of the questions you should always ask yourself is —
“What do I stand for?”
When you lose track of it, that’s real burning of reputation!

Document_Writing_Img.jpegDon’t write to while away time. I’d say you’d be on a better level when you write to make your time worth the while.
Always know where to draw the line between fantasy and reality.


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