…That a man should simply and profoundly say that he cannot understand how consciousness comes into existence — is perfectly natural. But that a man should glue his eye to a microscope and stare and stare and stare-and still not be able to see how it happens — is ridiculous, and it is particularly ridiculous when it is supposed to be serious….
– Søren Kierkegaard

Perhaps the issue of not having anything to write at all lies in having too many things to write — and making too little sense — or perhaps a writer’s major problem lies in the astonishing velocity of his observations.

Psychology-1-landing.jpegSense in this regard has much more to do with impact. From this part of the world, where I come from, they say empty barrels make the loudest of noise. Oh boy, I have come to appreciate noise a great deal.

2016-03-14 15.55.01.png

At some point I’ve had to deal with children — plenty of them — as a young teacher in Kaduna. The dislike an introverted person like me had for noise could never be over-emphasized. It was with such deep intensity that’d make me grit my teeth out of frustration and wish I had some magic wand that’d make all the children go away…perpetually!
Then the children had their break for the Easter celebrations and voila! I learned hard. Even the graveyard couldn’t be more quiet, and it was incredibly unbearable.
Noise can be beautiful; it could make sweet music. You might want to ask what the use of sweet music with no sense is and I’d tell you that it’d have its crowd…even if its just for a brief moment.


For those who have a nomadic state of mind. Always needing to be on the go, never content with things as they are, and always in search of more — whatever that may be. What usually happens when you feel you’re not making much sense?
It is particularly ridiculous in sense that you aren’t seeing the answer as you stare, and stare.

It all boils down to this important question that you must ask yourself: What is it in my past that keeps coming to the surface?  You must find out what it is, because it will be there until you deal with.
It is easy however, to fall into the ditch of regarding perceptions above your capabilities. Feedback is great but the moment you start equating it with your achievement or success, you’re on a smooth ride…to the gallows.


Accept no one’s definition of your work or life; define yourself.


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