For The Love Of A Father

So I went to church today after a wide berth — Lor’ha’mercy — and did the one thing I never forget to do amongst other things — observe — I mean, I spend quality time doing that without making it obvious. Funny enough, I am that sort of person that gets to ‘hear the gists’ last, but if there’s anything you can always count me out on, its gossip…folks always manage to spare me that too. Quite frankly, sometimes I don’t know if I should be thanking them for that or not.


I make it no secret that I consider myself very contradictory. You would too if you’re constantly at the extreme of two temperaments. So I wouldn’t be lying if I say I’m a good observer and at the same time, I get to hear the gists last. Its more like poor you…you’re the observer of life, still you miss out on a whole lot like mumu!
Oh well, here’s the good side, I am unpredictable even to myself, but I’ve got strong values I live on and with that, I trust my judgements.


My pastor is a good man. A people person with a big ear and a golden heart — I mean — all pastors should be like that. You need to come over to my church if yours isn’t:).
Just by standing in the crowd I have learned a whole lot, especially how an ideal father-daughter relationship should be. I grew up not knowing what it means to be loved by a father and I just kept wondering how strange a father’s love is each time I hear friends talk about their father with such affection and well, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to men.
Rev. Victor Adeyemi knows how to be a father to his children and how to father everybody else without one getting in the way of others. During special programs in church that didn’t require him to minister, he’d have his seat at the second segment of the auditorium, his daughter laying her head on his chest warmly, with an I-am-safe-here-Nothing-can-harm-me stance. I found it very disturbing but my curious eyes kept dancing to and fro for months, adding two and two together everytime. Then I realized that it was my own experience that was strange. Perhaps God brought me close enough at this crucial time to destroy the heap of rubbish my mind was set on.
I am sure I would have learned much more if I moved a little closer but I’m dealing with the things I have learned already, they are things I’d always be grateful for.

This post does not correlate in anyway with writing skills but I think it is worth sharing. If you’d like to meet my pastor however, you can indicate your interest.
You can check out his blog:

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