Keep The Fire Burning

Improve-Your-Writing-Skills.jpegI think the best part of being a writer is having to carve out a really good piece. You feel so good what you have even before you put it out for all the world to see. You feel so proud of yourself and your work, and the joy you feel at that moment when you can say – “aha! I got this one right” comes with such irrepressible confidence, you just know you don’t have to worry about having it under-perform in views.

There are other moments though, when your creative juices are just so thick they can’t flow. At moments like these, you’d literally crack your head open but all you’d find is blood and water…well, maybe with some other substances. The point is, those wonderful moments don’t make you less of a writer. They just happen to prove that you’re still human after all. And you need to obey certain laws.


Trying to juggle your writing schedule into your normally busy routine can just blow your mind, and you might be carried away with the sense of having a dead-air or signal error in your creativity wave-length that you’d want to pull the plug. That’d actually do more harm than good.

You want to set the woods in order, light up your world and keep the fire burning. Anything outside of that

Review your previous works

You can go back to the works  you have done as far back as ten years, especially the ones that didn’t get you the kind of feedback you’d hoped for at the time and review them. You’ll find that you’re viewing them with a new pair of eyes.

Don’t compromise your schedule

Write anything. Worry about how stupid you might be later. What you put down today doesn’t have to be ready for other people’s eyes anyway. Don’t allow yourself to give an excuse for skipping your target of writing everyday. You’d be surprise to find that your musings will someday come in handy.

Read Other People’s Works

Don’t be so engrossed in your work that you forget to check up on what other people are doing with their skills. You can find enough strength by encouraging other people who do things that are similar to what you do.

Read Wide

Never limit yourself to a certain genre or a particular area of interest. Be interested in everything you can find. Trust me, your writing voice has its own tempo; you can be sure you won’t lose it. Find anything you can read even if it doesn’t concern you, what you read doesn’t have to help you as a person but it will help your work. Of what use is being a writer without depth?

Be Mindful Of Targets And Deadlines

You need to set up targets and deadlines when you decide to be serious with your work. It’d help in putting you in shape and help you stay relevant. A skill without discipline is as good as none. If you plan to post an article daily, make sure you do so without fail. You might even have to exceed your target every now and then to encourage yourself. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t perform below the lines.


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