Why you should stop being nice…now is the perfect time to start!

09-being-nice-for-40-days.w750.h560.2xThings have happened lately that got me thinking — “Why is a person who is quiet, easy-going, or nice easily taken to be one with no sense of self?” Some folks just fold him up in a box and toss it somewhere until they’re shocked to find that he’s never been in there.

BeingNice.jpegThey usually don’t say it out loud, but what really go on in their myopic minds, you can’t even begin to imagine:
“He’s just plain stupid!”
“He can take anything. I’m sure he’d understand.”
“She’s got a low self-esteem, you see, I’m trying to manage her.”
“Oh she’s fake…but proud.”
“He just wants to be seen with people like us, that’s all.” Doormat In reality this boxed person, on many occasions, has always been the one who’s been ahead of them in his thoughts and is just being…nice. He is quickly perceived as a threat the moment they realize that he was never in that box. And their emotions begin to rage; then they become confused in their minds. The thing with strife is that, it is never a problem between people; it is often a problem within a person. a6150c9428fab4d75f2c41d7087b0c95.jpeg So then, I take it. Let’s believe they’re right on this one.

Gentility is presumed stupidity.

I’ve got a word for you — Mr. Nice, Lady Gentle — Being nice is the beginning of cruelty. You’re not helping the image you’re trying to project. When your plot is weak and your protagonist has lost his self, what good will that do? You don’t want to have your book perceived as being pulpy.

Your work has a voice that might be different from yours. Let it speak. Crass stupidity is not good for the writing business.


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