Cinderella Has Always Been In Town

Cinderella-cinderella.jpgSo the story went viral.


The young lady who sold local bread for a living became a super-model in the twinkling of an eye. Oh that’s just another Cinderella! I love such stories. I never get tired of hearing them. We need to hear these Cinderellas talk more often, then we can see the obvious.
Anything can happen to anybody, even if they never imagined it.
Whether it is from grass to grace or from being a pauper to being an enviable princess; or from having a broken plastic spoon to owning a golden one, whatever you choose to describe the story, there’s no denying that magic is still in the air. Who knows? I might just find myself in the White House tomorrow carrying out a special assignment. Okay, that sounds…drastic, but you should know that I don’t doubt it.

Cinderella-slippers-700-700x300.jpgYou could just be another Cinderella!
The background you have doesn’t have to pin your back to the ground perpetually. Cinderella is enough proof that a pair of shoe can change your life. You may have lost some things you think you’d never recover from, you can always have a second chance.
Second chances doesn’t always mean a happy ending, Sometimes, it’s just another shot that will make you end things better. Whatever the case, always remember that good things fall apart sometimes, so better things can fall together.
Stay positive.


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